The i4 Foundation

Four cores for a brighter future

Four core units make up The i4 Foundation. Based in Vancouver B.C Canada it's the foundation's mission to showcase Canadian art and be a resource for those who seek to explore the connection between art and technology. Explore the four cores below!



Our Roots

Our vision was born from the isolation and distance imposed by COVID19 in 2020. The realization that the arts faced a mandatory hiatus and pause we began to explore ways for artists to continue creating and performing. 

Our founders have been artists for over thirty years exploring many mediums such as photography, film, video, multimedia, stage, and writing.

in 1992, Craig and Ted founded the music element of Burning Man, one of the world's most prominent examples of how art inspires transformation. It's from that experience and creative vision that plans for a new festival are part of The i4 Foundation's mission, The Initiate Imaginations Festival, tentatively slated for 2023.


Craig Ellenwood

Founder, President

Craig's love of the arts stems from when his elementary school librarian taught him to print his own photos in a darkroom. It would become his second home for many years and led to him printing for, and working with the top names in fine art photography. Building upon that, in 2002 Craig moved to Hawaii where he was a successful artist and gallery consultant. In 2015 Craig immigrated to Canada and is now a proud Candadian citizen. He enjoys fusing philosophy, multimedia, and futures studies and identifies as a "reality engineer". 

Craig's hobbies include electronic music production, lapidary, surfing and he volunteers with the SPCA and EFF as a technology expert who aids lawyers seeking expert advice in privacy and human rights cases.


"Terbo" Ted


TerboTed is an artist, musician, technology expert, and outsider futurist. Ted's visual art can be found in many private collections as well as the SF Moma. Ted has, with great accuracy predicted the course of technology and the devices we use decades in advance.

When not creating or predicting the future he plays guitar and sings in a great rock band, DJ Dad Shirt.

The Four Cores

Bringing Change

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Inoculate Media

Communications, reinvented

At The i4 Foundation, we recognize that the world is working, enjoying entertainment, and consuming news in different ways in the post-pandemic world. More people are cutting the cable cord, broadcasting their own streams, becoming the media. We can seemlessly integrate, connecting self-streamers with their audience, transcoding, video hosting livestreaming, and VOD and OTT playback.

Inoculate Media Page

Incubate Ideas Lab

A Crowdsourced Think Tank

Imagine a pool of experts so large and diverse that it could problem solve and future proof just about anything from politics to futures studies. Welcome to Incubate Ideas Lab. A co-op consulting group of the brightest minds in their fields of expertise. Soon, more details on how to interface and request consultations.


Ionosphere Sound Lab

Innovative integrations and sound design

Thirty years of professional sound services bring capable hands to your project, big or small. Spatial audio is our specialty and we can integrate our 3D spatial sound API into DAW's and other audio applications. We also offer mastering, remixing, CD and vinyl pressing, done right here in Canada.


Initiate Imaginations

Personal growth

Initiate Imaginations is a program in which we seek to train as many people as possible worldwide to become  "Reality Engineers", aware and in charge of their destiny. We'll be offering workshops and one on one sessions that are sure to be fun and a positivelearning experience. The Initiate Imaginations festival will be a chance to celebrate, unite, and reflect the message in a big way. Fusing the most modern tech and art with a new form of theatre we look forward to bringing this to light.


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