Craig Ellenwood
Image by Ian Schneider

Who We Are

Where the Passion Begins


Craig Ellenwood

Founder, President

Craig's love of the arts stems from when his elementary school librarian taught him to print his own photos in a darkroom. It would become his second home for many years and led to him printing for, and working with the top names in fine art photography. Building upon that, in 2002 Craig moved to Hawaii where he was a successful artist and gallery consultant. In 2015 Craig immigrated to Canada and is now a proud Candadian citizen. He enjoys fusing philosophy, multimedia, and futures studies and identifies as a "reality engineer". 

Craig's hobbies include electronic music production, lapidary, surfing and he volunteers with the SPCA and EFF as a technology expert who aids lawyers seeking expert advice in privacy and human rights cases.

"Terbo" Ted


TerboTed is an artist, musician, technology expert, and outsider futurist. Ted's visual art can be found in many private collections as well as the SF Moma. Ted has, with great accuracy predicted the course of technology and the devices we use decades in advance.

When not creating or predicting the future he plays guitar and sings in a great rock band, DJ Dad Shirt.


Rowe Moorehouse


Since the late 1980's Rowe has been on the bleeding edge of programming and IT technology. He currently has his own consulting company as well as contributing his expertise to i4.

Rowe is an electronic musician and DJ expressing himself through a variety of sublime genres.